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  about katy  

It was one summer during college that my boss, a lovely hairdresser and salon owner, had noticed me absent-mindedly pretending to highlight my own hair and asked me if I had ever thought about becoming a hairdresser. 

Well, no. And also... yes.  

It had never occurred to me that being able to connect and create would be something that I would be able to spin into a career.  But the question turned into one that I began asking myself, over and over, until there was only one answer to the question and one path forward for me.

Since then, I've worked at four other outstanding salons in the Houston area, with  many incredibly talented artists and have had some fantastic educational opportunities.  And while I will continue to work with amazing artists and never stop learning, I felt like it was time to return "home" to be closer to my three (loud, energetic and wonderful) children. 

I was born and raised right here in Bellaire, the city within the city. 

Of all the places in all the world, there is nowhere I thought I would find myself less, and nowhere I would be happier to be.

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